SHF Radio: Collecting Boy Scout Camp Patches With Bob Sherman CBIIV2 (2014)

August 8, 2014

V2 2014



My guest on Scouting Hot Finds Radio is Bob Sherman who is a well known figure in the hobby of collecting Boy Scout memorabilia.  Some have taken to calling him the "camp patch man" as he has been writing the camp patch column in the ISCA Journal for a whopping 22 years now.  The focus of our interview tonight is discussing the brand new edition of the Camp Book II that has just been published and is available as a PDF either through instant download or CD on eBay.  The book comes in at 1250 pages but you can still purchase it on eBay from my partner there RadarBSI.  One of the key things about the Camp Book II is that is also the best reference piece for the history of Scouting councils.  It is packed with information about early teens and twenties councils that most people don't even know existed.

Towards the end of this interview I reveal a pair of special bonus items that I am committing to give away with every sold copy of the Camp Book II V2 (2014).  You'll just have to listen in to hear what I've got up my sleeve.

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You can email Bob Sherman at to ask him questions or share information you have on Boy Scout camps

Click here to find out how you can purchase the new Camp Book II V2 (2014)

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Hi , great to hear the very valuable information on the collecting of camp patches. I have been on the fringe of collecting camp patches but listening to your interview with Bob Sherman, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting at traderee’s has sealed my dission on the collecting of camp patches . Thank you Santee Swapper for your awesome contribution to the advancement of our hobby. Ray Cruz

By Ray Cruz on August 8th, 2014 at 7:17 pm

I couldn’t agree more – we touched on it in the interview but you almost never see contrived rarities and limited edition delegate crap with camp patches. Plus as Bob has advocated this is the heart of our experience of Scouting. The collection I have of my own boyhood camp is probably the most precious to me. If I was still expanding my collections I’d start going into other camps too at least to build a representational collection.

By admin on August 8th, 2014 at 9:31 pm

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