eBay Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter: What’s In A Name

April 13, 2014

eBay Scouting Hot Finds: What's In A Name

eBay Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter
Sunday Morning

April 13, 2014


I'm writing this issue from a Scout camp that I've spent more than a year of my life camping at.  From my first Cub Scout Dad Day in 1983 to this 2014 Dixie Fellowship Set-Up I've spent more than 365 nights at Camp Coker.  Add to that it's been glorious weather and it just doesn't get much better.  I hope you enjoy today's Hot Finds picks.          

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I thought today I'd share the story of how the name Dixie Fellowship came to be used for this Order of the Arrow event. Back in 1952 J. Rucker Newbery who was sorta the seminal OA guy in South Carolina was getting ready to host the Area 6B fellowship meeting at Camp Ho Non Wah in Charleston, SC.  He liked the idea of naming the events after the place it was being held.  So Dixie Fellowship was a clever name he picked out for this early OA conclave held outside the historic city.

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As luck would have it realignment the next year put J. Rucker and his lodge of Un A Li'Yi 236 into Area 6C which took the middle and southeastern part of South Carolina and formed a new group with parts of Georgia.  In the new 6C they continued his tradition of having a unique name for each event for several more years.

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However, the lodges left behind that straddled the border and up into North Carolina kinda liked the name Dixie Fellowship so when Catawba 459 of Charlotte hosted the 1953 meeting they stuck with the name "Dixie Fellowship".  Fast forward over 60 years later now it's the SR-5 conclave still using J. Rucker Newbery's nickname for the event.

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To close this little history story let me just share that through realignments and mergers that have shuffled up many OA sections the lodges in the Dixie have been pretty stable.  There are 4 lodges that have never left the Dixie and most of the core group has been together for more than 40 years since the BSA did away with the twelve regions in 1972.  Plus no Dixie Lodge has ever merged so it's a pretty stable and happy group of Arrowmen.  However, the merger piece will certainly change as the Coastal Empire Council (Tomo Chi-Chi 119) has voted to merge with a neighboring council in Georgia.
So I hope you've enjoyed the auctions and a history lesson I was able to serve up in today's issue.  I'll have pictures of the the Dixie Set-Up weekend posted soon on CarolinaOA.com


Yours In Scouting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
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