Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 30, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well today I was going to roll out another fun "unboxing" video of a collection that I got in from Ohio...but. This time I tried using a nicer DSLR camera to shoot the video. Turns out it is way too complicated for me and the video didn't auto focus so that everything is a bit too fuzzy in the film to make it shareable. I'm sure many of you can relate to being defeated by a camera with too many settings.

Since my wife and daughter are out of town I started a project last night at about 11 PM and finished at quarter til 4 AM. I was organizing my OA name/number collection (no it's not that big!) and got very carried away. I'm sure none of you have started a patch project and just ignored the clock.

I am anal about putting together displays that have information labels. So in this case I want a printed label with all the pertinent information about each lodge that issued a flap. So when I display it the frames won't just be a sea of patches but have the historical data from each lodge. I need to proof everything but I think I've got the spreadsheet finished and can print labels when I decide on how to mount everything.

So because lodge numbers are increasingly becoming irrelevant I've decided to organize my frames by state / original 12 regions. So in each state I'll still organize them by number but at least visually when you are looking at the display the mergers will make a little more sense geographically. I guess the old history teacher in me likes lining things up by where they are from rather than lodge numbers which over time lost their meaning after so many rounds of mergers.

In place of the video I decided to put the bulk of the Ohio collection that I got in for sale via Facebook before it goes to eBay. If you have a Facebook account you are welcome to view the collection and send me a message if you want to grab anything shown. Click on Ohio Boy Scout Collection 40+ Years Old.




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Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 28, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015


Some of you would be proud of me yesterday. I had to get my daughter's Girl Scout vest all caught up before camp so I worked at my sewing machine adding the badges she earned during the Spring that were awarded at our May banquet. Now here is the rub. The Girl Scouts like to make these weird shaped patches that are impossible to sew with a machine unless you are willing to turn the machine by hand stitch by stitch. Then I couldn't get the bobbin to thread after running low so the last three patches did truly get sewn by hand. Ah the things we do for our kids that they never appreciate!

I am now the proud owner of a significant Girl Scout collection. Yesterday I met a gentlemen and his wife to conclude a deal that was probably a year in the making. They were on their way to Florida from the northeast so we met at Bojangles to move boxes over to my car and talk. I"ve already been invited to display at a "Teen Camporee" in October so it's time for me to get shaking if I'm serious about this effort.

It is interesting to see the crossover between Girl Scout stuff and our hobby. I know of a few North Carolina guys that dabble in it but they are both "dealers" and probably not interested in keeping and displaying as they are opportunistic buying and selling. I've made contact with probably the largest GSA collector in my state who has helped organize a memorabilia show for going on 2 decades. So once again diving into a new area will prove to recharge my batteries 25 years into this hobby.

I also saw a notebook yesterday that is something to drool over. The gentlemen has a collection of rank insignia and position patches that he is also willing to let me make an offer on. The highlights were a Type 1 Star and Type 1 Life badge. It's the type of collection that would put me 90% of the way there in one shot. However, that kinda cloth doesn't come cheap so we will see what happens!

The next week should prove pretty fruitful on eBay. With 1/2 of the family going to Girl Scout camp I'll be able to get a lot done and take advantage of a fixed priced listing special that is live now. I guess the boys in San Jose, CA know how slow things get in the summer months so I'll gladly take advantage of the 1,000 free listings.




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Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 26, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015


I get home from vacation today and my wife is rolling out to Girl Scout summer camp Sunday. She is taking 16 girls with four adults to shepard the Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes. It has been really neat becoming a Scouting family. She met me when I was SR-5 Section Chief and so for the first twenty years of our relationship "Scouting" was my hobby. However, she claims when our son starts on the Eagle trail I'm back on my own....we will see!

I probably should include the Life Saving medal in my list of needs but although I can appreciate it as a collectible it doesn't quite count as insignia to me. You couldn't earn it like you could Eagle, Ranger or Silver (or my favorite - Air Scout Ace). Maybe when my collection is as sophisticated as some of you I'll go for it.

Several people have emailed me in the last week asking when/if my home lodge is coming out with a centennial flap. The answer is yes/but. Months ago we were told a preorder form would come out but that never materialized. So my guess now is at our Summer Fellowship in late July (days before NOAC) they will be issued. I also suspect but don't know for sure there will be a relatively limited # produced. Sorry guys I'm not in charge!

True story if Facebook can be believed. A collector reported that his vintage piece of Scouting memorabilia was yanked by eBay because it had the Confederate symbol on it. Wow! I guess those old trail medals are going to be next!

Nick Wolf has an entertaining strategy in the hobby. He seems to be the Crazy Eddie of low prices. Check him out if you want to take advantage of some of his big deals.




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