Sunday eBay Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 12, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's often hard on a Sunday to decide which auctions to pack into this email newsletter for Boy Scout memorabilia collectors. I've always tried to keep it simple and use # of bids and price as my two "votes" for which items make it in. This issue pulls from dozens of sellers which is pretty typical and I hope you enjoy clicking through what I found.

There are a lot of vintage patches in today's issue which is always welcome. I especially like seeing old felt camp patches as they are favorites of mine.

As many lodges hold their fall fellowships this month and next I expect we will see more and more 100th anniversary items coming out. On Facebook I am already seeing a steady stream of them being reported on the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group.

My daughter did a project last year on Hernando de Soto and I'm guessing that might be the Spanish soldier in that Neal Slide below. It's getting some attention on eBay so I'd say it's a rare piece. Another one to look out for in this block is the famous sample set from the National BSA that help to usher in the age of CSPs.

I made a little one minute video to promote my OA Sales Catalog that is still running through this week. I've got over 1,400 issues up for sale with discounts up to 20%. I've had several sales but a lot of good stuff is still available. Click here to check out the catalog.

I will be launching auctions tonight to my eBay store at These are going to be a week long focus on staff items from National Jamborees covering the 1980s-2000s. I've got about 200 different pieces in this collection that is going to hit eBay starting tonight.


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Friday eBay Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 10, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I am really late getting this issue out today because of some things that were out of my control. But it's here and I've got some cool content to share. First up is an OA fixed priced catalog that I published a this week. The big piece that I think many of you will want to hear is my new episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio where the topic is selling Scouting memorabilia in an antique mall.

The interview is with Todd Kelly and he is the perfect quest for this topic as he has been selling in an antique mall in Beckley, WV since the last Jamboree at A.P. Hill. In the episode we cover lots of tips and good questions to ask if you are considering dipping your toe into this selling strategy.

As many of you know I've got my own antique booth and Todd was the first person I called when I got the idea to put stuff in a booth. We only know of a couple of sellers who are doing this. If you are too then how about shoot me an email. We'd like to get an idea of where there are Boy Scout antique mall booths.

I have just published a sales catalog that features over 1,400 OA flaps and issues discounted up to 20% off retail. Check it out!


In this episode of my podcast for Boy Scout memorabilia collectors I interview Todd Kelly about having an antique mall booth as a strategy for selling Boy scout memorabilia. Click below to see the interview.

I am going to bring back the TOR calendar next week. I was not able to get edits in this week because of some technical difficulties.

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SHF Radio #68: Antique Mall Selling Strategy for Scout Memorabilia w/Todd Kelly

Thursday, October 9, 2014

SCOUTING HOT FINDS RADIO EPISODE #68When the Boy Scouts of America announced they would be building a permanent Jamboree site in the hills of West Virginia Todd Kelly started making some trips to the "Mountain State" to scope out locations for a Trade-O-Ree. One of the results of that venture was deciding to rent out a booth in two different antique malls in nearby Beckley, West Virginia. Along with his partner at the time Todd got into the business of selling Scouting collectibles at an antique mall. It's been almost four years since he dipped his toes into this strategy and Todd is now doubling down on this idea.

Tonight on Scouting Hot Finds Radio I have the second show in a series on interesting ways that people in the hobby of Boy Scout memorabilia collecting can turn over some of their inventory and make money. Sure we all know about selling on eBay but in this series I am uncovering some of the lesser known strategies that people are using. We've already covered selling on consignment in Episode #67 of the podcast.

As Todd and I both have antique mall booths we cover a lot of ground in this interview. You can hear everything from what the basic financial arrangement is with the owner of the store as well as tips on what questions to ask and what to avoid. You'll hear how "clutter" is not a four letter word in this strategy and the advantages of having a 7-day a week brick and mortar location that you don't have to staff yourself. We also cover a tricky situation that you want to avoid and the secret formula for knowing if your antique booth is worth all the trouble and effort.

My antique mall website at

Find Todd Kelly's website at

Todd Kelly's Facebook Page

Beckley Antique Mall

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